Create software with a spreadsheet
Move over Excel and Google Sheets, the MintData spreadsheet lets you create software.
Create screens
Link screens to the spreadsheet
Use spreadsheet to create application logic
Publish to mobile & the desktop web
business software
with the
of a spreadsheet.
A spreadsheet you already know
Use the full power of a spreadsheet to create application logic.
The MintData spreadsheet is a clean-room re-implementation of the functionality found in Excel and Google Sheets.
Battled tested on FP&A (accounting) spreadsheets with millions of cells, it’s ready to tackle the most demanding logic.
Bring in data from any web API
Use data from external and internal sources.
Want to grab today’s weather or your internal list of employees?
Both are just a spreadsheet formula away.
The results are brought into a cell. Work with the data as if you entered it by hand.
Interact with company systems
Internal company data is at your fingertips.
Is your company data in lots of places? (CRM like Salesforce or SAP, a data warehouse, queues, files, etc.)
Want a unified way to access the data, manipulate it, and even write it back to all original company systems?
Say goodbye to stand-alone ETL and IT-oriented tools. MintData puts all corporate data at your fingertips in a spreadsheet cell.
Everything is a formula away for reading and writing company data.
Visualize + Real-time
Real-time data streams in every cell
The power of real-time data in every spreadsheet cell.
MintData spent its formative years as a high performance, real-time engine used by companies like Verizon for working with real-time data at massive scale.
What happens when you put the power of a real-time engine into every spreadsheet cell?
An evolution turns into revolution:
Real-time reports
Information from all company systems
Visualization that makes BI tools obsolete
Stop building reports for a one way conversation with your data -- build applications that let you take immediate action from your insights.
Publish to mobile and the desktop web
Use the layout system to create the perfect user experience across all phones, tablets and the desktop web.
Share results with your application end-users with the simplicity of a Google Doc.
Use our built-in login options, or inquire about a single sign-on integration with your existing company systems.
Data at rest and in motion
Encryption for all data in motion and at rest secures the designs and published applications on the MintData cloud. Strict access controls, processes and audit systems ensure key information stays secure.
For on-premise and private cloud deployments, reference architectures are provided together with best practices to keep system data and user authentication secure.
Run on our cloud or on-premise
We believe in the freedom of choice and real-world constraints.
The entire MintData platform is available both on our cloud and on-premise.
Get in touch to find out how deployment works in the enterprise.