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    Add a page

    Add a new blank page

    To add a new blank page to your design, click at the top of the Outline panel.

    Duplicate an existing page

    To duplicate an existing page, right-click the page, and then select Duplicate Page.

    Copy pages or worksheets from another design

    To copy pages or worksheets from another design that you have access to:

    1. Click .

    2. Select an organization from the drop-down menu to the right of Copy From.

    3. From the drop-down menu that appears underneath, select a design.

    4. Click on Details. The drop-down dialog opens.

    5. Specify a prefix for the copied pages/worksheets.

    6. To copy a page:

      • Make sure the Pages button is enabled.
      • To copy a page together with related worksheets, make sure Import related sheets is enabled. To copy a page on its own (without related worksheets), disable Import related sheets.
      • Select a page to copy.
      • Click .
    7. To copy a worksheet:

      • Enable the Sheets button .
      • Click .