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    Work on MINTDATA™

    To create an application on MINTDATA™, you start by creating a design. A design is like a blueprint of your application: You draw the UI, define the behavior, and connect with data. When you publish your design, it turns into an application that the end-users can use.

    MINTDATA™ Term
    MINTDATA USERA person who makes applications on MINTDATA™ by creating and publishing application designs
    END-USERA person who makes use of an application created on MINTDATA™

    End-users interact only with the published design, that is the application.

    MINTDATA™ also allows you to create applications where multiple end-users can work collaboratively: They can read and update the application data in real-time. This can be achieved by:
    • Using a database.
    • Using an API service.
    • Using a NoSQL database.