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    Common Styling Properties

    Full list of common styling properties.


    Style up the component's alignment (works on controls containing text)

    Alignment property

    • Horizontal: left, center, right, justify;
    • Vertical: top, middle, bottom.


    Style up the component's background.

    Background property

    • Type: Solid Color or Linear Gradient;
    • Color (two colors for gradient) selection;
    • Visibility on/off;
    • Opacity 0..1.


    Style up the component's border.

    Border property

    • Color;
    • Visibility on/off;
    • Thickness;
    • Style: solid, dashed, dotted;
    • Corner radius for all corners or individually for each;
    • Fill: all sides, selected sides.


    Style up the component's shadows.

    Shadows property

    • Color;
    • Visiblity on/off;
    • X position;
    • Y position;
    • Blur value;
    • Spread value.


    Set up the component's paddings.

    Padding property

    • All at once, or each side individually.


    Set up the component's overflow behavior.

    Overflow property

    • X: Visible, Hidden, Auto;
    • Y: Visible, Hidden, Auto.


    Rotation property

    Set up the component's rotation.

    • Rotation origin;
    • Rotation angle;
    • On/off.


    Set up the component's layout.

    Layout property

    Self-directed layout

    • Absolute values of the component coordinates;
    • Enable "stickiness" to parent;
    • Width and Height;
    • Keep proportions.

    Parent-directed layout

    • Parent direction (row, column);
    • Parent: distribute, alignment, wrap;
    • Width value, min width, max width;
    • Height value, min height, max height;
    • Margin values + customize for Repeater first and last item;
    • Advanced settings.